Smoke Detectors:
Did you know it is recommended that your smoke detectors be replaced after 10 years? Click on this link to read more about smoke detectors.
Do you have smoke detectors in your home? Do you need your smoke detectors replaced? Do you need additional smoke detectors?

Carbon Monoxide Detectors:
As of July 1, 2008 carbon monoxide detectors are required in all new buildings. This is especially important when garages are attached and with gas appliances/fireplaces.
Would you like to add a CO detector in your home?

GFCI Receptacles:
Many service calls we receive are for loss of power to bathroom, kitchen or exterior receptacles. The culprit is usually a tripped GFCI receptacle. A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is required for all receptacles in wet locations defined in the National Electrical Code. Those often pesky GFCI receptacles can save your life. Learn more about GFCI receptacles today:
If you have questions, have a tripping GFCI receptacle or a GFCI receptacle that won’t re-set give us a call (Mobile: 904-219-1562).